Overseas Concern P.Ltd.
(Manpower Exporters and Human Resource Consultant)
License No
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Document Required

We need you to avail us the following documents in order to make process:

  1. A Demand Letter addressed to Jupiter Overseas Concern Pvt. Ltd ., License No. 477/060/061 that contains the number of workers required, job category, salary, duty hours, overtime, contract period, workmen compensation, food, accomodation, transportation and other facilities.
  2. Power of Attorney addressed to Jupiter Overseas Concren Pvt. Ltd., License No. 477/060/061 that authorizes the company to recruit the manpower on behalf of the employer legally.
  3. Consular Letter addressed to the nearby Consular Office facilitating Jupiter Overseas Concern Pvt. Ltd. for visa endorsement and other legal procedures.
  4. Employer and Employee Agreement Papers duly signed by the employing company.
  5. Employment Contract Paper (Inter Party Agreement).
  6. Guarantee Letter.

NOTE: All the above documents should be stamped by the Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Foreign Affairs(Kharjiya) in the case of Middle East. In case of Malaysia, the documents should be made into Notary or attested by the Nepal Embassy.

Selection Procedure

Jupiter Overseas Concern Pvt. Ltd. collects the applications from the interested and qualified candidates for the specific job after advertising in the national newspapers. Collected applications will be scrutinized by the authorized office staff for short listing as per the requirements of an employer. The employer's selection team will arrange an interview with the candidates. The selected candidates will be mobilized for the medical examination in a respected hospital or clinic. Only candidates who are found physically fit for foreign employment will be eligible to sign the employment paper. After preparing and receiving all necessary documents from concerned authorities, JOC will be able to send the candidates for foreign employment.

Time Graph for Workers Deployment.

  1. After receiving the demand letter, we require 10-15 Days for selection and providing the CVs.
  2. 3-5 Days for medical checkup.
  3. We require 7-10 Days for Visa Stamping in related Embassies in Kathmandu.
  4. We require 3 Days for clearance in Labour Department, Nepal.
  5. Finally, we require 10-15 Days for the final departure of the workers after receiving Visa/Wakala from the related companies.